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Sacred Art

Aspects of the Divine


The beginning of an extensive new series, deeply researched through the ancient lineage of global spiritual traditions, highlighting the sacred and enduring essence of the human condition that unifies us all across cultural and racial lines. 

Utilizing the languages of myth, allegory, and archetypes, each piece is created through a multitude of meticulous processes, combining large format 4x5 film photography, digital photography, and digital painting.

As notes of the musical scale or colors of the spectrum, archetypes are different manifestations of the human psyche that have been arising from the chaos of the collective since the beginning of time. These patterns of behavior cross every boundary, transcending race, language, and culture, as powerful tools for understanding ourselves and others on a deeper level.

We see male and female archetypes everywhere— both in the secular world as well as the spiritual— it is an essence that forms the underlying framework of consensus reality.

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