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The Wounded Healer


4x5 Large Format Photography | Digitally Painted

30" x 38"

The Wounded Healer



Healing is not a destination; it is a journey.

The wounded healer is an ancient archetype, a concept used to describe one who overcomes their own burdens, becoming the healers and teachers for others.


Rumi says, “The wounds are the places where light enters.”


There is a correlation to the strife we are witnessing in the outside world to the wounds that we feel inside of ourselves.

Every minute part of the universe holographically contains, reflects, and expresses the whole. In this way, each of our personal wounds becomes a universal collective wound, pervading the entire field of consciousness.

Countless are suffering in these unprecedented times. It is more important than ever for us to help one another, to step out of this cultural paradigm built on fear, power, and separation, and move into a rhythm of human interconnectedness.

This event of global wounding is initiatory. If we are able to channel and express the spirit of this challenging age there is a real potential for global transformation, introducing us to something greater than ourselves.


“Our true nature can never be obscured, just as the clouds in the sky seemingly obscure the sun, but from the sun's point of view, it is always radiantly shining, even on the cloudiest of days.”



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