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Persephone: The Eternal Maiden

Persephone: The Eternal Maiden


Digital Photography

38" x 33"

Persephone: The Eternal Maiden



“It is as though beauty were a kind of catalyst, transforming raw grief into tranquil sadness.”


Beautiful sweet Persephone, the laughing Kore of fertility, flowers, and frolic, was chasing butterflies when the earth opened up and she was abducted by Hades.

Hades soon bound her eternal soul to his fiery realm by feeding her the fruit of the Underworld, making her his queen for all time. An infamous deal was struck by the decree of Zeus that she would be allowed to return to her mother's side for half of every year. Thus, every spring when she ascends from her dark and gilded cage to join Demeter, the earth once again begins to bloom with the joy of her return.

Her myth remains a powerful lens to the magnetic archetype of the maiden, helping us to interpret the psyche of the sacred feminine spirit.

The maiden is an embodiment of innocent arousal, naive sensuality, and uncorrupted nature. Trouble always finds her, subjecting her to a challenge that leads to the next phase of womanhood, through developing one's own strength and learning to stand firmly inside one's own power.

This ancient archetypal energy continues to manifest itself in endless forms into the present day, just as the narrative of this image is also the personal story of the model featured in the role of the goddess.


“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”






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