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Artist Bio


Raised in the small country town of Paris, Texas, Leah Beth Flippen was a self-taught artist through her many years of adventurous global wanderlust, and then formally trained in Design at the Art Institute of Dallas, as well as in Painting and Photography at the University of Texas at Austin.

A deeply passionate Interior Designer by day and a Fine Artist by night, her life is dedicated to creating beautiful immersive experiences. Inspired primarily by the great painters of the Baroque period, the Pre-Raphaelites, and classical antiquity, her work often resonates with echoes of the art historical canon.

She is currently developing a new body of ambitious work, deeply researched through the ancient lineage of global spiritual traditions, highlighting the sacred and enduring essence of the human condition that unifies us all across cultural and racial lines. 

Utilizing the languages of myth, allegory, and archetypes, each piece is created through a multitude of meticulous processes that she lovingly refers to as "Surrealist Photography," combining large format 4x5 film photography, digital photography, and digital painting.



Artist Statement


a lover of convulsive beauty,

priestess of earthen rites,

a spirit softly burning with a thousand dreams,

enraptured by the breathing phenomenon of nature.


multilingual; fluent in the languages of passion, alchemy, image-making,

and the sacred art of self-decoration.

a painter’s soul, as gentle as the wise woman’s knowing,

feverish with creative fire, sacred instincts, and veiled, erotic urges.


a kaleidoscope bestowed with consciousness

and aspirations towards the infinite,

yearning to lean softly against the cheek of God.


the universal divine feminine spirit is re-emerging:

inextinguishable, archetypal, mystical, sexual, and cyclical,

eternally linked to the primeval and vital lineage of the wild woman self.

a shifting paradigm in a technologic sphere,

as the boundaries of the binary system blur.


liberated by mythology,

breathing new life into dead or dying concepts:


the ancient tongue of the pantheon,

the ephemera of myth and dreams,

the immortal thirst for splendor.


melting into the clarity of the eternal moment,

as one who marches into the depths of the jungle

and returns clear-eyed,

gravid with wisdom,

plunging fearlessly into the abyss of an abstract and shapeless beauty.



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