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Le Grand Objet & Objet Cam Live


Large Format Photography | HD Videography | Oil on Canvas with embedded HD Screen | Installation | Performance

Le Grand Objet

35"× 64” 4x5 Large Format Film

Le Grand Objet


The reclining female nude has a rich heritage across the lineage of the art historical canon.

For many centuries in ancient Greece, only divine goddesses were painted or sculpted in this sacred way, honoring their perfection and purity.

In the Salon of 1814 when Ingre's first showed Le Grand Odalisque, there was wild outrage in the Louvre.  It was the first time that an ordinary woman was featured in this glorified way, much less the socially lowest of the low— a servant girl in a harem. To view the painting was to become a voyeur, guilty of sharing an intimate space with this woman of ill-repute.

This was the dawn of the painted female nude objectified by the “Masculine Gaze.’


It was said that she was painted with 6 extra vertebrae.

Objet Cam Live

35"× 64”  Digital C-Print

Objet Cam Live


In the modern digital landscape, countless young girls now willingly offer stylized versions of themselves as objects for entertainment to unseen viewers. The voyeur is instantly transported through the window of their screens, sharing intimate spaces with the object of their amusement.

Adopting the utilitarian aesthetic of the digitized sex industry, this is the beginning of an artistic ethnography of “Cam-Girl” sub-cultures, comparing the contemporary extensions of the masculine gaze to trends throughout the art historical canon.

Rather than allowing the complexity of their real identities to be organically engaged, countless women now obsessively objectify themselves on social media as well, for the sole aim of collecting as many unseen viewers as they can.

These gestures become symbolic investigations on the contemporary relationship between technology and the current human condition.



Odalisque – [Turkis: Odalık] – A slave girl, concubine, attendant or chambermaid to a concubine of an Ottoman sultan; an object possessed by a male figure of power.

Jean Dominique Ingre’s 1814 oil painting, Le Grande Odalisque, 35″ x 64″


Commissioned by Napoleon’s sister, Queen Caroline Murat of Naples.

Ingre’s Odalisque helped establish the genre of Orientalism, where the eroticized Otherness of the subject’s identity parallels its role as the visual opiate of the female nude.

“In fact, almost everything that humans express in natural language concerns Objects and their relationships.”
—Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach – 1994


Work in collaboration with Clayton Smith Westmeier

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