Le Grand Objet

Le Grand Objet & Objet Cam Live


Large Format Photography | HD Videography | Oil on Canvas with embedded HD Screen | Installation | Performance

The Sublime Object

35"× 64” 4x5 Large Format Film

The Sublime Object

After Ingre's 1814 oil painting, Le Grand Odalisque, this phenomenological study serves as a medium for further cultural awareness and critique of the impact of technologic interaction on the human condition through the language of allegory.

This series of works seeks to reveal aspects of reality as our contemporary sense of being is embodied in an extended technological world.

Offering stylized versions of themselves for entertainment, rather than allowing the complexity of their real identities to be organically engaged, these theoretical and physical gestures act as symbolic and material functions to investigate the nature of the current relationship between technology and cultural humanity.


Adopting the utilitarian aesthetic of the digitized sex industry, this is the beginning of an artistic ethnography of “Cam-Girl” sub-cultures, comparing the contemporary extensions of the masculine gaze’s heritage of objectification to trends throughout the art historical canon.

Odalisque – [Turkis: Odalık] – A slave girl, concubine, attendant or chambermaid to a concubine of an Ottoman sultan; an object possessed by a male figure of power.

Objet Cam Live

35"× 64”  Digital C-Print

Objet Cam Live

After Jean Dominique Ingre’s 1814 oil painting, Le Grande Odalisque, 35″ x 64″,

commissioned by Napoleon’s sister, Queen Caroline Murat of Naples

Ingre’s Odalisque helped establish the genre of Orientalism, where the eroticized Otherness of the subject’s identity parallels its role as the visual opiate of the female nude.

“Man is nothing without the objects that express his being… but the object to which a subject essentially and necessarily relates himself is nothing but the subject’s own objective being.”
—Ludwig Feuerbach, The Essence of Christianity -1841

“Object is, in fact, a question-begging word. It implies a subject.”
—Samuel Alexander, Time, Space, and Deity – 1921

” ‘Object‘ is a pseudo-concept. To say “X is an Object” is to say nothing… Objects can only be mentioned in connexion with some definite property.” —Bertrand Russell’s Introduction to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus -1922

“In fact, almost everything that humans express in natural language concerns Objects and their relationships.”
—Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach – 1994


Work in collaboration with Clayton Smith Westmeier

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