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Demeter: The Divine Mother

Demeter: The Divine Mother


Demeter: The Divine Mother

Surrealist Photography

39" x 39"

Demeter: The Divine Mother


The rites of Demeter, the divine mother of the harvest and Earth, and her daughter, the maiden of spring, were venerated in the secret rituals of the Eleusinian Mysteries for two thousand years. Played out in elaborate reenactments, their story tells of the strange and mysterious workings of life, death, and renewal, teaching the initiate how to ascend from the darkness of their material nature into the light of understanding.

Using symbolism as a gateway to the inner courtyard, the masters of the Mysteries taught secret practices and disciplines by which the initiate could develop the potent abilities latent within the soul. In the ancient science of enlightenment, every soul has the potential to continuously manifest into ever-higher levels of consciousness.

Over four thousand years later, the secrets at the heart of the Mysteries are doctrines and practices that still present a clear path towards awakening into one's highest potential, carrying with it a spiritual blueprint for global prosperity and peace among mankind. 

To realize one’s true self is to realize one’s divine nature.

Our collective creative force is re-awakening Now.

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